What is...

The Hope Project?

Welcome to The Hope Project: Building Tomorrow Together, an ambitious faith journey of City Hope Church (CHC) to secure land and construct or remodel a new CHC home along the Hwy 170 corridor between Okatie and Beaufort, SC, where the hope of Jesus thrives and lives are transformed. With your partnership, we can lay the foundation for a brighter future for our community.

Vision: The Hope Project envisions a sanctuary of hope and belonging where individuals and families can worship and hear the message of a relationship with the living God and find solace, support, purpose, and authentic community. By establishing a dedicated space in this rapidly growing area where significant spiritual needs need to be met, we aim to deepen our impact and expand our reach to serve more lives in need of the hope of Jesus through CHC and The Hope Center.

Mission: Our mission is clear: to raise the necessary funds to acquire land and construct or remodel a building that will house CHC and The Hope Center, which will serve as a beacon of hope and a hub for community engagement, making our vision a living reality.

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Our Purpose

Building Tomorrow Together


Rely on God - We trust His plan to guide us and provide the resources and capacity for giving.


Rally our CHC family and the local community to contribute generously.


Raise the necessary funds to acquire land and construct or remodel a building that meets the spiritual needs of our growing congregation and community.

Our Impact

Who is The Hope Project for?

By supporting The Hope Project: Building Tomorrow Together, you are investing in the future of our community, where lives are enriched, relationships are strengthened, and spiritual needs can be met with the hope of Jesus. All so Jesus can be glorified!  

Our GOals

Ways to Get Involved


This is the single most important step.  We want to honor God with The Hope Project and ensure we are following His will and joining Him in the work He has for us to do - so people know that it was God  - not us - who made The Hope Project a reality. This is a God-sized task that can only be accomplished by Him.


Make a generous financial contribution(s) to The Hope Project and help build a brighter tomorrow for our community.


Organize fundraising events and initiatives to rally support from friends, family, and colleagues.


Offer your time, skills, and expertise to support the planning and execution of The Hope Project.

Spread the Word

 Share the vision and mission of The Hope Project with your network and encourage others to join us in this transformative endeavor.

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The Ways to Get Involved

Please join us by supporting The Hope Project: Building Tomorrow Together. Your contribution will leave a lasting legacy of hope and transformation for generations to come. Together, let's build a future where everyone belongs and thrives. Thank you for your prayers and unwavering support.

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